Pictures of Boils: Common Locations and Types

Well, I am sorry you are here.  Either you have a boil and are in some state of agony, OR you need a different hobby.

Let’s assume you have a red and sore bump and are wondering if it might be a boil.  Seeing pictures of boils, some of the most common types, on other people will hopefully make you feel like yours is not so bad.  Many people suffer from boils.  Some go away without too much fuss, but as you will see, others can get quite large and infected.  So much so that they require a doctor’s attention, antibiotics, and some can lead to fevers and scarring.  If one of these boils is not properly treated, the infection can become very serious, or the bacteria itself can be spread to other people once the boil begins to follacle diagram

What Causes a Boil?

Boils and carbuncles are bacterial infections of the hair follicles and surrounding skin that form pus around the follicle.  They are caused by a form of staff or bacteria that already exists on everyone’s body.  Staff is always on our skin and in places like our noses and throats.  When the bacteria enters our skin through a minor scratch or cut it can begin to multiply and infect the surrounding area.  If the bacteria enters a hair follicle a boil can begin to form as white blood cells, dead cells, and bacteria converge to form pus.

In addition, it is believed that boils are more likely to occur if the person’s skin or clothing has not been kept clean enough, razor blades have not been changed often enough, or tight clothing or other skin has rubbed and irritated the area.  Unusual periods of stress, a weak immune system, or a lackluster diet can also contribute to the appearance of boils.

Common Locations and Types of Boils

Boils on skin usually appear in areas that are harder to keep clean or dry, some common areas are: boils on face, boils on buttocks, boils on inner thigh, also the armpits, the groin, and the neck.  As you can see from the following pictures of boils,  they come in a variety of sizes and configurations, but are always red and swollen,and they eventually drain. Although it may be tempting, it is important not to squeeze or force the boil to drain.  Once the pressure is relieved and the wound is kept clean and dry, healing should begin.

boils on buttocks
boils on face
boil near eye

skin abscess

multiple boils on skin
skin boil
armpit boil



If you need more help…

After seeing these pictures of boils, you may or may not see what is on your own skin. There are a few individuals that struggle with frequent boils, and are understandably frustrated and unhappy about it.  New and holistic remedies are worth exploring if the standard warm washcloths and rounds of antibiotics aren’t helping.  Learn more by clicking here.