How to Get Rid of a Boil

Many people get an occasional boil.  Sometimes we are not even sure what it is, but if we are lucky, it doesn’t get too big or painful.  Soon it is gone.

Other people have more frequent encounters with boils.  The abscess or infection can become as large as a golf ball which eventually needs a doctor to lance it and possibly prescribe an antibiotic.  Sound advice for how to get rid of a boil is needed by many people now and then.

Three Steps for Treatment

The recommended treatment for how to get rid of boils is fairly straightforward.

1.  Early Hot Soaks

At the first sign of a painful red bump the size of a pea begin to hold a very warm washcloth on the area at least 3 times per day or soak in a warm tub.  This increases circulation and brings antibodies and white blood cells to the site of the infection.  the pus will hopefully come to a head more quickly.  Do not squeeze or poke the yellow-white head with a needle.

2.  Treat and Clean Wound Immediately

Once the pus has been released, it is very important to keep the wound as clean as possible.  Flush the boil with cool water.  Use soap and a soft moist washcloth around the wound.  Treat it with an antiseptic solution or ointment such as Neosporin.  Leave the wound uncovered to dry and heal.  If the wound is in a place that gets irritated by clothing or other skin, keep it covered with clean dry gauze.

3.  The Pus is Infectious

Pus is a mixture of old white blood cells bacteria and dead skin cells.  Infection can be spread to other areas of the body or to other people from the pus.  Wash all of the clothing, towels and bedding that have been contaminated.  Wash your hands well.  If you spike a fever or see red streaks radiating from the wound, go to the doctor.

The Problem for Frequent Boil Sufferers Goes Deeper…

To be completely honest, the problem is not a lack of information for the everyday people who have frequent boils.  We clearly know what a boil is and how to get rid of a boil.  Most of all, we how much boils can hurt both physically and emotionally.  We also know exactly what the doctor will say each time we ask how to get rid of boils: “Warm washcloths and another round of antibiotics.”

The harder question for us is, “What am I doing wrong?” or even worse, “What is wrong with me?”  There are family tendencies, and unique circumstances that are not our fault.  There is nothing “wrong” with any of us.

There is a sensible answer to the problem, and it comes in the form of simple advice from someone who understands and has lived with frequent boils.  There really is a long and detailed list of holistic and healthy diet adjustments and truly useful lifestyle tips for a boil free future.  Can you imagine…no more boils?

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