Boils were just a part of my life.

I used to get at least one EVERY month. I didn’t know what causes boils. I didn’t know how to treat a boil. I HAD to find the answer. And now I have great news!

I Haven’t had one in MORE than 2 YEARS.

If you are fed up with your painful, recurrent boils, I have a solution for you. It will help you get rid of them FOREVER.




“I’m so sick of doctors telling me to ‘put a hot, damp cloth on it’. You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“No more antibiotics – I’ve read all about the dangers of overusing them. And guess what? I take them and next month I get another boil! They ARE NOT working!”

“There HAS to be a way to stop these awful boils from coming! Right?!?”

Those are all quotes from yours truly. I would ask how to treat boils and what causes boils and I would ALWAYS get the same answers.

A few years ago I was so sick and tired of getting boils that I pretty much felt SICK and TIRED all of the time. I was angry!

And I had good reason. I’d battled boils for MOST OF MY LIFE.

When I was younger they only showed up once in a while.



In my mid-thirties, they started showing up ALL OF THE TIME!


‘All of the time’ as in two or more A MONTH.

And (this is really embarrassing) almost all of them showed up in the worst place you can imagine. Yep, ‘where the sun don’t shine‘, if you catch my drift.

Yes… I’m talking about buttocks and groin boils! It was AWFUL.

Put yourself in my shoes (or maybe you’re there right now) trying to go to my desk job and SIT on these painful, embarrassing eruptions. I can’t tell you how many people looked at me like I’d lost it, sitting tipped to one side in my chair! (If you’ve had a boil ‘down there’, then you know what I mean!)




once had a huge boil on the bottom of my left buttocks. My colleague asked if I had a walnut in my pocket! I wanted to shrivel up and die.

What was I supposed to say??  “Oh no, not a walnut… just a gigantic, pus-filled boil!”


And that wasn’t the worst! NOT EVEN CLOSE!


Am I the only one who has felt suddenly light headed from the FLAMING NEEDLES JABBING me when I was jogging or just walking around. Sometimes the pain of having my clothes rub the boil was EXCRUCIATING. 

Have you ever accidentally crushed a boil and felt like someone LIT YOU ON FIRE?!?…




One time I stumbled and fell onto a bench and it felt like someone jabbed me with a hot poker. I almost SCREAMED.

And do I even have to say it? Let’s just say that having boils ‘down below‘ does not make you feel very sexy. And as you can imagine it’s pretty tough on your relationship when you have no chance for a love life!


Boils ‘down there’ RUIN your sex life.


But for me, those humiliating days are over. I don’t even worry anymore about boils coming back. NOT AT ALL.


Happy Days Are Here Again!


And don’t think it’s some ‘magical’ antibiotic.


We both know that Doctors mean well.

(But we also know that good intentions ARE NOT a substitute for RESULTS.)


I spent too many years of my life suffering with boils – sometimes 2 AT A TIME.

Of course the doctor is where I started looking for a solution. And, as you’d guess, he offered me hot compresses and ANTIBIOTICS, ANTIBIOTICS, and MORE ANTIBIOTICS.


I tried to explain to him that I NEEDED ANSWERS. I was trying everything I could think of to be healthy: 

I drank plenty of water.

I didn’t drink a bunch of soda.

I had good hygiene – showered everyday and whatnot.

I kept a SPOTLESS house. 

But at the end of my appointment, and a lot of glazed eyed “uh huhs” from my doctor, he said “Use hot compresses and I’ll prescribe some antibiotics.”

As you’ve already guessed, I took the antibiotics. The boils came back the next month. More antibiotics. More Boils.




Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe you know EXACTLY what I mean.

The boil shows up, you treat it just as your doctor prescribes, and still the boils come.


Why pop pills if they’re NOT treating the underlying problem?


Instead, learn how to PREVENT boils. Why keep treating them? Learn to get rid of them FOR GOOD.

That’s why I’m on a crusade against boils. As the saying goes, “An ounce of PREVENTION is worth a POUND of cure.”

You can’t say that you’ve truly beaten boils unless they STOP COMING BACK.


If you want to PREVENT boils, you need to attack from more than one angle!


You can be squeaky clean on the outside and still have boils again and again – that’s because hygiene is only part of the equation.




Slaying this monster forever means attacking it from a few angles. Besides hygiene, you have to learn how to fight boils from inside your body.

When you’re not getting the right stuff on the inside, your skin responds with pus-filled, painful boils.



You can start feeding your body the right things RIGHT NOW to stop boils in their tracks!



How do I know?

Almost 3 years ago I’d had it. I HAD to find an answer. So I became a HUMAN EXPERIMENT.

I was determined to find out how to keep my boils from coming back. So I did a mountain of research online and at the library. I wanted to do this HOLISTICALLY. I’d had enough of prescription drugs.

I collected a list of supplements, herbs and other boil destroying ingredients. I knew that a lot of the suggestions were from doctors and chemists who had never had a boil. But I believed that somehow I would find the answer.

Every month I tried a new approach. I kept track of new boils to see when they showed up, how long they stayed, and how big they got.

In month #6, I FINALLY began to notice something.


I can not describe how WONDERFUL it felt to know that I was on to the ANSWER.




I won’t go into the all details now, but let me say this… when I knew I had the answer, I seriously felt like a kid again. I was SO happy!

I remember calling my brother and being SO excited (he’s struggled with boils too) to tell him what I’d been up to. I felt like I was giving him the BEST gift ever!

For the first month, I was REALLY nervous. But then 1 week passed, then 2, then 3, then a whole month and – no boil.

(Remember, I was getting 2 to 3 boils a month.)

After the month had passed, I started getting that too familiar tingling and swelling on my thigh. It was a boil.

I was terribly disappointed – but not for long.

I noticed that the boil was smaller and less sensitive than past boils.

I knew that I was heading in the right direction.

Over the next couple of weeks I kept up my regimen, and to my DISMAY – I got ANOTHER boil.

This was not a great moment for me. But I couldn’t give up. I was determined.


My prayers were FINALLY answered. I officially entered the No Boil Zone.


  • Are you sick of doctor visits and hot compresses as your only solution?
  • Do boils stop you from doing things you want to do?
  • Do boils keep you from the love life that you desire?
  • Are you embarrassed by boils when you’re in public?
  • Are you sick and tired of dealing with boils?

Then stop being sick and tired and do something about it!

I have a challenge for you… search the Internet.

Go to Google and do a search for “get rid of boils.” 2,380,000 results (web pages) are presented to you.

Do another one for “boil remedy.” There’s another 2,330,000 web pages to wade through.

You think the best answer is somewhere within the first 3-4 listings? Maybe. Choose one. Choose them all. Try them out like I did.

Frustrated yet?

Are you sick of spending money and NOT seeing results?

Tired of high hopes, then the crash of disappointment when you feel that too familiar ache of yet another boil?

Most of these remedies are given by people who’ve never had a single boil. I could write an article on boils by looking at 5 other websites and compiling a list of remedies. That’s what most of these articles are – compilations of advice found somewhere else.

Let’s keep it real… you and I both know that slathering on a little Boil-Ease doesn’t solve the problem of boils that keep on coming back. Neither does a hot compress, or Neosporin.

These are just temporary fixes. A flimsy bandage over a bullet wound.


After years of getting multiple boils almost every month, I am thrilled to tell you that I’ve been boil-free for more than 2 years.

I’ve written a book titled Boils Be Gone that shares EVERY DETAIL of my boil prevention regimen.Boil Free

Don’t worry, this isn’t a pile of notes and a bunch of random advice. This is the actual formula that I’ve been using to prevent boils. I live my advice every day, and it serves me by keeping the boils away while bringing me comfort and dignity.

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside:

  • Why you get boils. It’s usually hidden in plain sight. I’ll tell you the reason … how one boil causes more… and how to stop them before they even start.
  • The #1 reason why boils come even if you’ve just finished a course of antibiotics.
  • Which boils warrant a visit to the doctor NOW. (In a small percentage of cases, this boil can actually kill you if left untreated. You don’t want to be to be part of that statistic!)
  • So you keep getting boils in the same place? Wash your clothes in tea tree oil soap. I’ll tell you which one I use, and what else you should be doing with your laundry.
  • I’ll share My ULTIMATE BOIL PREVENTION SECRET WEAPON… If I could choose just one boil remedy, hands down, it would be this Secret Weapon. It’s commonly recommended for getting rid of boils. BUT it didn’t work for me in one format, but it DID WORK in another way.
  • I’ll share some bonus tips for IMMEDIATE relief if you’re dealing with a boil now.
  • I’ll share what happens when you don’t follow the rules? A year after I started my regimen, I stopped doing it. Did the boils come back or were they gone forever?

Boils Be Gone  is very easy-to-follow. Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to purchase anything else from me (though a quick trip to your local health food store will be in order).


Boils Be Gone… $27.

Freedom from boils for good – PRICELESS.

 Boil Free Forever

Buy Now

How long have you been suffering with boils? A year… five years… more?

They’re painful. They’re embarrasing. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, you can’t prevent them with traditional remedies.

But you know what? You don’t have to live like this anymore. You don’t have to bite your nails wondering when and where your next boil will show up.

YOU have the power to stop this vicious cycle.


Nail Biting

And you DON’T have to do it with prescription drugs.

You have the power to do it a healthy, holistic way. And you’ll know that you’re learning from someone who has been exactly where you are.

Instead of spending almost a year monitoring my own habits and trying to deal with my own boils, I wish I’d had a $27 solution that didn’t require a doctors visit.


Your purchase is 100% RISK-FREE you have my “You=Boil-Free” guarantee.



From previous reader feedback, I know that if you read Boils Be Gone today and start to follow the steps, most of you will notice a decrease in how many boils you get or notice a significant reduction in their size/pain level, within the first 4 weeks.

Notice I said ‘most’ – not all.

Honestly I can’t (and won’t) promise that my regimen will work for everybody. Every person is different, and while it will work for most – to say that it has a 100% success rate would be a lie. 

But the great thing is that you don’t have anything to lose if it doesn’t work for you.

You have my “You=Boil-Free” guarantee that if my regimen doesn’t work for you – or you just don’t like my advice – all you have to do is send me an e-mail and your refund will be processed the same day.

Let me repeat that:

  1. You get my book.
  2. You don’t like my report OR the information doesn’t work for you.
  3. You send me a brief refund request via e-mail.
  4. I refund your payment the same day.

There’s absolutely no downside to placing your order.

So put away your hot washcloth and your antibiotics and tell your boils to BE GONE!


Start living YOUR life without boils!


I can walk without painful chafing. I can drive my car without sitting on an extra cushion. I feel confidence no matter what I wear knowing that no one will be asking me about a ‘walnut in my pocket’.

No more visits to the doctor for yet another lancing. And I’m finished with taking antibiotics that don’t solve the problem.



How am I feeling? ECSTATIC!


I want you to feel this way too. I promise that I’ll do my very best to help you get there.



Janice K. Rollins

Author, Boils Be Gone!

My Boils Be Gone book offers a permanent solution to a painful problem. I’ve been where you are, so I’m telling you what actually worked.

But the choice is yours. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to suffer any more. Order Boils Be Gone and put an end to your boils for good.

Questions? Contact Me.